These are photos taken labor day weekend 2005.


This is a large dual steam engine that turned a large electric generator. This is located just off of the top of redmountain pass.
This is the large air compressor also seen in Ouray Set 1. Not the early heat exchanger for the compressed air.

This was actually my second time crossing this stream. I decided I would drop off my father on the other side to take some macho man pictures as I forded the creek. Bad idea, I wound up getting some electrical connector on the underside of the jeep wet, most likely an oxygen sensor, which caused my Jeep to run horrible, mis-firing, lack of power, etc. And I was still quite a ways from the highway.(For anyone that has been there, this is the main stream crossing not too far down from the top of Stoney pass. After I got back on the highway my Jeep cleared up and ran fine, and actually came out better, my cruise control started working after that! I finished off my loop by heading back over Engineer pass back into ouray via Silverton.

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